About the Author

M. F. Hopkins was born south of the Sahara of American parents, and has spent most of her life in the United States – California, to be exact.
To most, she seems aloof at first glance, but once one gets to know her, she is actually quite friendly and outgoing. She even has a sense of dry sarcastic humor.
While mostly quiet, she is not shy; she just prefers to observe the people and things around her.

M. F. Hopkins spends her free time reading, writing, drawing, and daydreaming. Her daydreams – spun from actual history and mythology from around the world – ignite the fires of her imagination for her stories and artwork. She plans on creating a few illustrations of her book characters for an Angelo, Texas compendium in the future.

M. F. Hopkins has a B. A. in a discipline that she’s never really used, and an affinity for cats. Okay… she likes dogs too, but she is more of a cat lady. Drinking too much coffee, but not enough Japanese plum wine, she feels the need to correct the imbalance.

M. F. Hopkins is a member of the Romance Writers of America (RWA). She’s also a NaNoWriMo nerd.